In Squarriors: The Card Game, you command a tribe of warrior animals fighting for survival in a post-human world.

How is STCG Different?


There is no deck to draw from. All of your cards start in play or in your hand, so the player with the best Tribe and best strategy is most likely to win.


Squarriors The Card Game is designed to keep players from ‘running away with the game’ as soon as they have a lead -- the game is never over, until it is over. Persistent damage and unique creatures ensure that once you have overcome formidable creatures, they are (usually) gone for good. And various threshold mechanics secure an even pace for all players, so no individual can accelerate to victory too quickly.

No intentionally bad cards

Other card games design their cards with a philosophy that bad or unplayable cards are a necessity. At Cold War, we are breaking that norm. Each of our cards are designed and rated with a multi-step grading process to ensure no card is useless or inherently bad. Though some cards will organically rise above other cards in competitive play, Squarriors The Card Game has no filler, generic, or intentionally bad cards.

Every play matters

In Squarriors The Card Game, every turn is significant. As a result, a turn (or a match) will likely last a little longer than other card games. Frequently, you will make decisions that drastically affect the outcome of the match and you're going to want to think through your options. Beyond that, you are going to feel attached to (and protective of) the characters fighting for you. In almost every case, when a character of yours dies, it is gone for the remainder of the game, and you will never control that character again.


Choose up to 20 points worth of unique creatures for your tribe!


Choose the domains you will fight for! Each Domain gives your Tribe unique enhancements. Defend them at all costs. If you lose 2 of them, you lose the game!


Choose 10 Tactic cards to dominate your opponents. Each Tactic is dual-purposed and added to your Strategy Chain when played, giving you deep customization of your strategy.

Defeat your enemies through four types of engagement!

Dominance Attack

Attack an enemy Domain using the full force of your army!

Stealth Attack

Assassinate high priority targets through skullduggery!

Manipulation Attack

Convince your enemy's soldiers to join your side for the ultimate betrayal!

Leadership Challenge

Use your tribe's superior Influence to crush your foes diplomatically.

Squarriors the Card Game is based directly off of the hit comic book series, Squarriors.

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